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Be a leather knower

The purpose of this glossary is to provide users with a short definition or brief explanation of the main concepts and terms used in MT Leather Shop.

Leather Cuts


It is the pliability or softness of the leather. We understand it is tough to gauge this characteristic online, however, we added graphics and categories on the product pages to make it easier to imagine.


Thickness specification is normally measured in ounces, with one ounce or Oz. equal to 0.4 mm. We use this metric to help you choose the ideal leather for your specific needs.

Chrome Tanned

This type of tanning is based on the Trivalent Chromium, which creates very stable bonds with the collagen of the leather, blocking the natural processes of decomposition. All our tanning processes were developed to use 50% less water waste and as of 2021 our entire facilities run solely on solar energy. These are just a few of the efforts we do to help reduce our carbon footprint.

Vegetable Tanned

Vegetable tanning is a traditional craft process and safe for the environment. It is leather which has been turned using tannins that are extracted from tree bark, leaves or berries.


After tannage, all classes of leather, must be finished. It determines the appearance of the surface of the leather. This includes coloring, waterproofing, wax dressings, but also mechanical processing stages such as ironing or embossing of the leather.