Bulk Pricing

We've decided to create a bulk pricing discount for our enterprise accounts, if you do not have an account already create one here

Once you are logged in to your account the following discounts will be applicable to your order depending on the total amount, keep in mind that if you not meet the criteria for the discount code it won't work. 

In order for the discount to work it has to be used on single purchases and it will not be discounted over the accumulation of orders.

Type your corresponding discount code at checkout.

The discount structure is as follows:


Purchase Amount
 Discount %
Discount Code
$300 - $499 3% "TIER 1"
$500 - $799 5% "TIER 2"
$800 - $1099 8% "TIER 3"
$1100 - $1999 10% "TIER 4"
$2000 + 15% "TIER 5"




If your purchase exceeds 1,100 SQFT please get in contact with us so we can offer you our tannery prices and/or design leather to your liking and specific use.

For any further questions don't hesitate in contacting us through our contact page or our socials, which you can find at the footer of this page.